6 Key benefits to using the T3 Systems.

The T3 Systems provides users with unlimited design and display flexibility and capabilities. It is turning some heads within the industry and allowing users to create eye catching and dynamic displays.

Why are so many companies turning towards the T3 Systems? Here are 6 key benefits to using the T3 System for all their display and event purposes.

1. Simply no tools assembly

T3 Systems variety of modular framework systems including  T3 FRAME AND T3 AFFINITY  were specifically designed to be a no hassle, easy to set up modular framework systems that would allow first time users or seasoned display contractors to create dynamic and eye catching displays without a need for tools or specialised skill sets.

Our patented twist lock assembly system, means that small or large designs can be built in a faction of the time when using other  frameworks .

2. Reconfigure and Reuse

With all T3 System’s framework being modular , a T3 display can be reused and reconfigured quickly and easily. If standard parts are used for your original design, they can be adjusted into a variety of other display with a simple twist and lock.

A small design can be made into a large display by simply adding more standard profiles and connectors to your design.

“We work with the T3 system to create stunningly professional, bespoke and affordable spaces for our customers to market their products or services. T3 offers both an excellent way to display graphics but is also a functional and modular solution to building exhibition stands that are both flexible for use in a number of different venues, with additional options such as shelving and monitor supports”

Egil Hagir – Bitmap

3. Compact for ease of transportation and storage

Our frameworks are ideal for users that are logistics orientated. Being able to break down large displays into small components which then fit into compact travel cases. This is all down without losing any of the flexibility and versatility in display capabilities.

“With Recon located in Iceland, logistics is key for us. Using T3 Systems allows us to break down a large stand into small, easy to transport units while allowing us to retain the flexibility and versatility that we need. “

Adalsteinn Sverrisson – Reykjavik Event Consulting

4. Multiple graphic applications

It is one of the most versatile modular framework systems when it comes to graphical applications. With our variety of inserts using graphics such as rigid panels, PVC roll up and even fabric textile is as simple as changing the infill.

These graphics can also be mounted onto the framework it a variety of ways including magnetic and Velcro strips.

T3 allows for the maximum flexibility for graphics, as replacing or interchanging graphics is not a long and complicated process as with other frameworks. Also, changing graphics can be a cost-effective process because they can be kept for later displays.

 “We used the T3 System because it allowed for a quick set up, cleanliness of the system and the flexibility of materials we could cover the framework with”

Jenna Kush – Olson Visual

5. Easy to illuminate

The T3 System accommodates all manner of lighting systems as well as providing a multitude of its own. We have a variety of accessories that allow for the attachment of majority of lighting systems including spotlights, crane lights and downward lighting. All these allow for the illumination of product displays.

These systems can be used to illuminate the stand on the outside as well as be added on the inside of your design. For the internal illumination of exhibition stand displays we have a revolutionary 360° lighting system, that is changing the way event designers and consultants are lighting their stand. Our lighting system is called the T3 Wandlite

6. Multimedia 

It also allows exhibition and display creators to incorporate a number of multimedia aspects in their displays. our specially designed support brackets or screen mounts can be used to mount large display monitors to your T3 display easily.

Whereas tablets can be mounted use our T3 tablet holders. This means that your T3 display can showcase a variety of multimedia promotional videos and movies to your audience.

The T3 modular framework system is able to accommodate all display applications. Whether you are looking to create small point of sale and POP up displays or large scale exhibition and conference stands, the T3 system allows you to create these quickly and in a cost-effective manner.

With over 40 countries around the world having a T3 representative distributor serving the market, gaining access to this product is as simple as our motto: