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Olson Visual helps bring light and colour to Near Future Summit.


The brief for this project was called for Olson Visual to create multiple displays for the Near Future Summit in 2017. The displays needed to be spread around the conference location to be used as back drops for the main stage, attendee guidance and just general lighting and ambience creation.

The Near Future conference is a curated event for a community of entrepreneurs, activists, inventors and investors to gather and discuss and take on serious global challenges.


What Olson Visual designed and created for the Near Future conference was a spectacular array of large T3 Light walls with beautifully printed silicon edged textile graphics. All the structures were created using the T3Frame solution’s channel and fusion extrusions coupled with Velcro finishing and Silverlite and Silverlite 45° graphic graphic mounting profiles. Using this solution allowed Olson to mount the large printed graphics quickly and easily.

To give the graphics an extra eye catching pop, they were illuminated using the Revolutionary T3Wandlite solution. Providing a brilliant 360° white light, it flawlessly illuminates fabric graphics and can be easily integrated into any T3 structure using a variety of mounting accessories. These structures were also located outside the conference building which meant that using T3Wandlite was a necessity due to the event taking place at night.

Some of the structures had curved and circular features which were created using the same T3Frame. This solution is one of the few modular framework solutions where extrusions can be curved to almost any angle. This provides designers with the opportunity to create eye catching structures.


Olson Visual was able to transport these display structures in several compact travel cases to the event premises. Using T3 enabled them to save on expensive freight costs due to its ability to be packed down into compact, easy to manage bundles that take up minimal space.

Due to the displays being required all around the event location, this would have normally proved to be a difficult installation. But due to the lightweight and modular design of the T3Frame solution. These multiple structures were installed by a team of 8 people in a 24 hour time period. This included the assembly of the structures, mounting of graphics and electrics.

Olson Visual delivered a fantastic result for this project. They were able to incorporate all of Near Futures requested features while creating structures that could be reused and reconfigured for other events.

Using T3 allowed us to build all these large structures in a fraction of the time and the Wandlite really made the graphics stand out during the course of the event.

Kelly Olson

T3 Systems USA