How we work

Starting a project with T3 Systems.  

Coupled with the unmatched versatility and unlimited potential of all the T3 solutions, we also provide clients and users the ultimate in intelligent and efficient design service. Using a many years of experience of creating displays with T3 solutions and a vast knowledge of display industry we are able to inspire connections through exceptional display designs.

Starting a design project with T3 Systems is as simple as our core principle TWIST – LOCK – CONNECT. 

1. Send in an enquiry form and sketch.

The initial step for starting a project revolves around our interactive PDF enquiry form. The form allows you to simply explain the design details that you are looking to include or feature in your display or stand.  

From dimensions, positioning to types of accessories and illumination, the form allows you to quickly ear mark these details for our designers to embellish upon. If you have already have an idea of what your display will look like, why not attach a sketch of the display.   

Take a look at a standard design enquiry to get an initial understanding of what some are looking to include or feature in their displays or stands.  

  • Our enquiry from allows you to simply ear mark the key features and aspects of your design. Our designers can then translate the form into a 3D CAD design and render.

Using the T3 Systems Enquiry Form allows us to streamline the design process even further. We pride ourselves in being able to turn around drawings and designs in a 24 hour time period. The enquiry form allows us to quickly get the ball rolling with our clients, because they can quickly list aspects to the design that they want to include. We encourage people to include sketches of their design into the enquiry form, it helps us to create a more efficient and intelligent design. ” Mukesh Kansara, Design Director at T3 Systems



2. Receive a 3D CAD design and visual in 24 hours.

  • In 24 hours of receiving your enquiry, our team will supply you with a 3D CAD drawing.

Once your enquiry form has been submitted, within 24 hours one of our team will be in contact and provide you with a 3D CAD drawing, render and quotation of your project. This helps you to get a better visualisation of what your potential solution will look like. 

The design team will use their vast experience and knowledge of the T3 solutions to create an intelligent, cost effective and eye catching display that meets all your design requirements and needs.

“T3 Systems prides itself on being one of the only modular display companies that provides a 24 hour design service to clients. We are able to use our experience and knowledge of the industry to create something that will meet all your needs”   Philippe van Ameyde, Sales & Marketing Director at T3 Systems

3. Discussion and confirmation of your project

Once you have received the initial design and render, our sales and design team will be in contact to make sure that everything is correct and up to standard.  Should you want to make changes or additions to the design, the team will talk you through how it will effect the design. A new CAD design, render and list of parts will be created to include the changes.  If you already have you graphic concept in place the team will fully render out the design with the graphics in place. 

Once you have confirmed the structure and quotation the solution will go into production.  

Are you presenting this project to a client? Looking for something extra to get the project confirmed? T3 provides a full project animation service. 

Please enquire about this service from a member of the T3 team.

4. Production and delivery of your project.

Once the design, list of parts and quotation have been confirmed, the project will go into production. Our general lead time is 2 weeks from the confirmation of the project. The modular and lightweight design of all the T3 solutions means that even large custom displays can be packed into small, compact boxes for easy and cost effective transportation.

When it comes to the assembly and installation of the structure, T3 is renowned for being one of the most simple and efficient modular display systems currently available in the industry. The simple twist-lock connection means that no tools are required at any point of assembly. This coupled with the detailed CAD drawings and layouts allows even unskilled work forces can create a stand in half the time of other systems.

But should you require something extra, we can provide you with step by step instructions on how to assembly your T3 display.  Could it get any easier than that. 

Simple process right?

Download a enquiry form today and discover the unlimited possibilities that T3 provides to its users.  

T3 Systems USA