Match your T3Wandlite to your company colour

Harness colour and light with your next display.

Light and colour are a valuable tool when it comes to designing and creating exhibition and event displays. Both can be used to induce moods, trigger actions and highlight products and brand attributes in visitors. Capitalise on this by creating bright, colourful displays using the T3Wandlite.  The T3Wandlite is at the forefront of providing users with the opportunity to harness colour and light and implementing it elegantly and memorably. Firstly, the key elements and features of T3Wandlite:

  • almost unbreakable
  • waterproof and dustproof
  • Simple and quick to install into almost any structure
  • Safe and easy to transport and store
  • Provides a 360° light source
  • Simple to power and eco-friendly

Make it one of the most practical and arguably the most effective exhibition and lighting systems available on the market today. But one of its most unique and underestimated features is in its ability to be created in a massive range of RGB colourings.

Match your company or event colours to a T3Wandlite to create a brilliant and unforgettable feature.

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We have a RGB colour palette to help you decide on which colour best suites your project.

To find out more about the available colours and how to create your own unique version

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Implementing your RGB T3Wandlite. 

Provide the RGB colouring for your event and we can match the tube light to it. If you are undecided about your colourings or have more than one the T3Wandlite can be coupled with a T3Wandlite RGB Controller (WLRGBC). This provides users with the opportunity to change their colour schemes on site. This method also provides the opportunity to use the T3Wandlites for multiple events because you won’t be limited to singular colours. Another unique feature of the Controller is that it allows you to strobe the colour setting of your lights, opening the possibility of creating fun disco opportunities.

Take a look at how it was implemented at Exhibitor Live 2019